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Exercise Physio Peers Training


Our experienced and skilful Exercise Physiologists achieve the best results possible for our clients by adopting a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Your exercise physiologist will combine clinical exercise prescription with appropriate lifestyle advice to help you regain your quality of life and have you back doing the things you love.


Exercise Physiology is the study of the human body and its biological and physical response to exercise and nutritional changes. Exercise Physiologists at Harmony Homecare Specialisthave not only completed Exercise Science degrees (like many of our Personal Trainers) but also hold a master’s qualification in Exercise Physiology and Exercise Rehabilitation. This means our Exercise Physiologists can service a large range of clients that have specific health issues that need an intrinsic and detailed knowledge of the human body.

Harmony Homecare Specialist has a private treatment and exercise studio in Melbourne and employs only the finest Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation graduates that work in Melbourne.

We treat each patient as an individual, assessing their condition and how it impacts all aspects of their life. We are guided by the latest developments in evidence-based practice and we are committed to the continuing education of our employees through recognised and respected professional development programs.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other treating practitioners and particularly enjoy the challenge of helping patients suffering from more than one condition or injury.

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